Elsie Mendez

"Staging is an investment. My training, passion and experience in real estate home staging can make YOU money! "

Hello! I'm Elsie and I have a passion for home transformations...

Elsie Mendez, founder of LC HomeStagers of LC Property Investors, LLC earned a Masters Degree from Stetson University. She maintains active membership with the West Volusia Regional Chamber of Commerce (WVCC), the West Volusia Realtor Association (WVRA), and Central Florida Realty Investors (CFRI). Her dedication to the community is exemplary and she is frequently found at different social and community events.

Elsie's passion for home transformations began as she started her career in real estate investing.  As a current real estate investor, she understands just how important it is for a seller to get a buyer to fully value a property. After several Fix & Flips, Elsie's love for staging grew into a passion. It was at that time that LC Home stagers was founded. Elsie asked herself, "Why not help others get TOP dollar for the sale of their property?" She learned how to draw high buyer traffic through a property by staging it well. 

As a home stager, she strives to help the buyer make an emotional connection with the property from the moment they see the home listed on the internet. Using her experience with home sales and her design creativity, she uses furnishings and accessories that will enhance the beauty of the home and bring in prospective buyers. Elsie works side by side with realtors, investors and homeowners that want their listings to stand out among the competition. She strongly believes in her motto, "Stage it Well and It will Sell!"